Vibrational Healing Techniques

Vibrational Healing.jpeg


We are exploring vibrational healing techniques, and one technique and tool that all of us have is our voice. And our voice is wonderful for communication and words, and that’s why I always say words have power. But we can create incredible healing sounds. So let’s work on of the most important universal healing sounds there is, and that is Aum.

So I would like everyone now to breathe in and breathe out, “aaaaaauuuuummmmm.”  Breathe in again, and breathe out, “aaaaaauuuuummmmm.” Breathe in, and breathe out again, “aaaaaauuuuummmmm.”

And just feel how much more at peace and how your body feels relaxed. So just think about that, and just do that in the morning. And it will get your  whole day going with a calm mind, and a peaceful body.

So one of the things that I do, when a client has a lot of pain around their heart, I refer them to the sound of ah, that’s A, H.

So I am going to show you what this looks likes, and if you want to do this with me, see what the benefits are.

So you take a nice deep breath in, and you sound, it’s called toning, you sound the syllable “ah.”



One more time, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

And what is happening here, that tone is actually clearing the whole heart area. I feel so much better with that. So really if any of you have experienced loss, or upset that has to do with the heart. That is one way that you can clear your heart chakra.