The Journey of Healing

Dark Night of the Soul.jpeg


There are many choices, but how we walk through it, what kind of intention do we hold? One intention can be soul growth and inner peace.

I think I really do like that intention. So as we’re on the path of life journey, it’s really important to understand that people are brought into our lives for healing.

And these people are our teachers. Even if we think we know more than them, they are teachers because they help us go inside and look at the parts of ourselves that need healing.

These teachers can be family members, they can be friends, and they can even be strangers.
Ultimately these teachers are there to help shine a light on the part of us that needs healing or what I call a dense part of ourselves. But this is what’s really really important, we all have soul contracts and we do have soul contracts with these teachers.

So it is really important that we learn how to hold the space. So for instance let’s say we have a child that will not follow rules or we want a different outcome. It’s really important that what were able to do is step back and understand that that person also has a contract. Learning how to hold the space for someone else and yourself and not interfering in someone’s soul contract is absolutely vital.