Intuitive Painting



One of my favorite vibrational healing technique that I use with my clients is called Intuitive Painting or Soul Painting.  By using the colors that “call to you” is a wonderful process that I have been using with  clients for years.  This technique for healing is a very powerful tool when it comes to finding  our lost energy. The Intuitive Painting process helps to reintegrate it.  Essentially, this process helps a person feel whole and therefore leads them to a state of wellness.

The way it works is  that every color has its own vibration that heals one of the energy centers in our body. If a particular energy center is either blocked or in a weaken state, we crave that color in our life.  I believe it works in the same way  that food works in our body. When we are deficient in a certain food containing certain vitamins then our body craves the food. Our body knows what it needs for healing.

So much of my healing work is based on the principle that our bodies tell us exactly what we need for healing and we have the power to heal ourselves.

So here is a step to step approach to my Intuitive Painting process. The materials you need in order to do this process are the following: You can use crayons, colored pencils, pastels, water color or acrylic paint or a combination of  these materials. Choose a paper or canvas that works best for the materials you have chosen. For instance, if you choose watercolors get watercolor paper or pastels get pastel paper. Now that you have chosen your materials for this process, find a quiet place to work.  Perhaps, you may want to put on some peaceful music in the background but it is not necessary.

Next, put a number of colors in front of you along with you paper.  If you are using paint, also put out a variety of  brushes to choose from. Now, go inside yourself to set an intention for your process today.  If you have a question where you need clarity, ask the question.

This is a process that taps into your inner voice and calms your mind.  So listen to what is the first color for you to begin with.  If you are using paint get a paper palette that you can throw away or you can even take aluminum foil and fold it into a rectangle and place it in front of you.  Look at the colors and see which ones you are drawn to.  There can be many or a few.  It really doesn’t matter.

Now begin and see which colors you are drawn to and put them on the paper.  Do not worry about what it is suppose to be or look like.  This process has nothing to do with this.  Just let the magic flow through you.  The way you know you are complete is just ask the painting.  If you hear a “yes” you stop.  If you hear a “no” just continue  until you hear a “yes” and then you are finished.

Next begins the automatic writing process. With a paper and pen or pencil within reach, close your eyes and listen to the words that are coming to you.  You may receive only words.  But there could be full sentences

Maybe when you connect the words together they become full sentences.  It doesn’t matter how you receive this information.  Now read  the message you received from the painting today. Many times the words come down in poetry. Remember, the language of the Universe is poetry, symbols and metaphors. The final stage to this process is to give gratitude to the painting and the process.

Your new creation will always possess a special healing energy and message.  Find a sacred space in your home to keep it.