Soul Paintings

"Painting has always been a gateway to my soul and inner voice. Through the vibration of color, I receive tremendous healing. When I paint, I call in an intention for healing myself and others and therefore, my art is a reflection of this process."

Drawing and painting has always been a tremendous healing tool since age 13.
When my beloved Father, who was my soulmate, died suddenly, I grabbed my pencil and paper and repeatedly tried to capture his likeness in a portrait so I could feel closer to him and connect with his Spirit. This process helped me heal tremendous grief by reconnecting with him which has been a lifelong process.

I am also drawn to the artwork of the French Impressionist Renior because it captures childhood with joy and innocence, something that I lost by losing my Father so abruptly and early in my young life.
French painter Vincent Van Gogh became another favorite of mine as he too used his painting to cure sadness in his life.

I am classically trained in the old Master's style of Portrait painting. Over the years, I found that my desire for my art was to capture the true essence, the Soul of my subject matter. I evolved to a more intuitive form of painting.
Sometimes, I call in my favorite Master painters to assist in the process.

I have formal training as a documentary filmmaker and in the field of psychology, and therefore I have an inquisitive nature in unlocking the secrets of the Soul.

It is my intention that the intuitive images that I create and the healing messages that I receive are Universal and to be shared by all.

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