Swami Sivananda Morning Inspiration

I’d like to share a morning quote I call it, a morning inspirational quote with you my viewers. The quoted is “Put your heart mind and soul into even your smallest acts this is the secret of success.” So the reason this is important is every action that we take stays in the universe. It’s very important to remember that those little actions do matter. Have a beautiful day.
Arna Vodenos

Arna Vodenos

My life’s purpose is to take clients on a journey to self -love. Along this journey, I help clients release their negative energy so they can be in the flow of the Universe, living in a state of joy and abundance. I am a transformational therapist and clinical hypnotherapist based in the Los Angeles area and have created a sacred space filled with love energy for people to come to and experience healing themselves.
Arna Vodenos

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