Conservatory for Flowers – San Fransisco

I’m here at the conservatory in San Francisco it’s called the conservatory for flowers it’s a beautiful Victorian building. And it was actually modeled after one in England. today they are having a special exhibit on one of my favorite symbols of healing: butterflies.

Now for a butterfly to actually become a butterfly it needs to go through what’s called a metamorphosis or transformation.  We as humans need to go through a transformation as well.  And one thing that’s very similar with a butterfly, is we do need often to come from the cocoon the cocoon is dark and it is small, and I consider that like this small map. But at some point of our life, we need to break through that small map to feel the light and to fly

Arna Vodenos

Arna Vodenos

My life’s purpose is to take clients on a journey to self -love. Along this journey, I help clients release their negative energy so they can be in the flow of the Universe, living in a state of joy and abundance. I am a transformational therapist and clinical hypnotherapist based in the Los Angeles area and have created a sacred space filled with love energy for people to come to and experience healing themselves.
Arna Vodenos

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